General PoolPlayer Questions:

Pool Player is an application/game that allows mobile gamers to use their skills to compete for cash prizes and coins. Pool Player does not host games of chance, and all winnings are based on your ability. If you do not wish to take  part in our cash prize events, you also have the option to compete and play for Pool Player coins.  

Everyone with a mobile device is eligible to compete in Pool Player competitions! You have the option to play for Pool Player coins which allows everyone to play. However, cash competitions are only available to all players over the age of 18 in areas of the world where cash game play is enabled. Pool Player cash tournaments are currently available in about 75% of the world. Cash tournaments are not yet enabled in certain countries, as well as the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, LA, MD, MT, SC, SD, and TN. In order to play for cash, you must assure that it is legal for you to do so. Pool Player will take no responsibility for illegal gaming. 

Pool Player is a game of skill and not a game of chance, therefore it is not gambling and does not fall into gambling laws. However, you still need to make sure that you have permission to play these games.

Terms of use can be read on the Pool Player application/game when registering. 

You can find our game on the PlayStore & AppStore by typing in ‘Pool Player’. Look for our icon. When installing our game, if you are having trouble it might be because you are installing it on a device that does not support our game. If this is not the case, then please contact us. 

Pool Player will also be available on our website in the coming weeks/months! 

No. We do not recommend that you play under different accounts and risk losing any money or coins which you might have in your account. Please try to play with one account only. 

You can reset your password manually by going to the main page, clicking on ‘Login’ and then on ‘Forgot Password’. You can then follow the instructions. 

Password protection is your responsibility. Never reveal your Pool Player account information to anyone. We will never ask you to send your password to us, and the only place you will need to use it is when logging in to your Pool Player account. We recommend that you change your password regularly. 

Yes. Pool Player is a multiplayer tournament platform that lets you compete with other people around the world for either real cash or for Pool Player coins.

Pool Player is 100% free to download and 100% free to register/sign up. You can play tournaments for Pool Player coins absolutely free. If you run out of coins, don’t worry! Pool Player will offer you 50 free coins every hour.  To enter our prize tournaments, you can enter for as a little as €0.60 cents. 

Pool Player cash tournaments are not gambling because all of our competitions are based on ability, rather than luck or chance. Pool Player hosts games where a players’ skill determines the winner of each tournament. 

Games of skill have long offered participants a chance to compete based on one’s ability. Cash competitions have a well-established legal, social, and commercial precedent that span everything from classic board games to major sports tournaments. Pool Player advances this trend by providing skill-based game play on mobile devices and tablets letting gamer’s win real money. Pool Player tournament winners are determined by ability, not by chance. 

Pool Player Game Play:

It occasionally occurs that due to reasons beyond our players’ control, they lose an internet connection. 

If a player stays disconnected for a period of time, he or she is at risk of being completely disconnected from the game and may lose their coins or money as a result. This is why we ask all of our users to make sure that they have a strong internet connection before they play. 

In the unlikely event of the system crashing which prevents completion of a game, the games in progress at every table will be restored by returning coins and money to your account. Each player’s coin/money count will be reset to the amount at the beginning of the game. 

If a tournament that you wish to join is full, you can try joining another tournament that may be available at that time or schedule in for another tournament taking place at a later time or day. 

Pool Player never takes any coins from the total pot.

When the game is active, you can click on the opponents profile picture. When you do this, it will show the opponents profile information including his playing history and statistics. 

Online Pool Player Chat:

When playing Pool Player, you can chat with your opponent by selecting from a list of phrases and words. 

Yes. You can do this by clicking on the “Shop” button. You may also see a trolley symbol. When you click this button it will open a new page. You will see a tab on the top of your screen that says “Chat”, click this button. When you click this button it will offer you a range of different words and phrases at different costs.